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Break the Anxiety Cycle 

in 30 Days

Overcome Anxiety and Reclaim Your Life

Are you tired of feeling trapped by your anxiety?

Do you long to break free and live a life filled with confidence, meaning, and fulfillment?

You can reclaim your life from anxiety



 If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed by anxiety, if it's taking over your life, and you struggle to enjoy things you care about, this course is designed for you.

Whether you experience sweaty palms, an upset stomach, or a constant sense of unease, you can learn to replace ineffective coping strategies with real skills that will change how anxiety affects you.

In 30 days, you'll learn 30 skills to help you break free from anxiety's hold

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand how anxiety shows up in your brain, body, thoughts, and feelings
  • Learn what you’re doing that keeps you stuck in anxiety
  • Learn how to stop worrying. (This alone can decrease Generalized Anxiety Disorder by 75% or more)
  • Replace anxiety with confidence, assertiveness, and problem-solving
  • Stop fear from controlling your life 
  • Go places you’ve been avoiding
  • Let go of unhealthy coping skills and replace them with sustainable solutions
  • Learn how to have a healthy relationship with anxiety
  • Get so good at feeling your feelings, that you’ll be able to feel all the other emotions too- joy, happiness, grief, and love, and your life will be rich and meaningful again

Course Overview:

What's Included:

30+ Actionable Skills

Each day you will learn a skill to help manage your anxiety including:

  • grounding skills
  • daily exercises
  • worksheets
  • journal prompts
  • and more!


Free printable workbook with:

  • Daily exercises
  • Bonus content
  • Journal prompts

Convenient and Ad-free Videos

  • Over 30 lessons in video format 
  • Access from your computer, phone, tablet, anywhere!
  • No ads
  • Keep track of your progress and revisit sections when needed

Relevant, research-based content

  • Current research-based best practices
  • Created by a practicing therapist who teaches and uses these skills with real clients (learn more about Emma McAdam, LMFT, below)

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Emma McAdam


I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I love helping people change. I know that understanding mental health can be confusing and stressful. I also know that there’s hope! Your brain is wired to change, and deep healing is possible. My mission is to walk with people through that process. 

I make mental health skills more accessible through YouTube videos and online courses. Therapy in a Nutshell is built around the idea that small and simple steps can turn into massive change and growth. I don’t just help people get feeling better; I help people get better at feeling. 

I’ve been working in the field of change and growth since 2004. I got my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Utah State University, and I’m currently licensed in the state of Utah. I’ve worked in settings like juvenile corrections, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment centers, and outpatient therapy.

Change your relationship with anxiety  ●  Break free of fear and worry  ●  Live with meaning and fulfillment

Start the journey to break free from anxiety today


Satisfaction guarantee (30-day money back no questions asked)

Frequently Asked Questions:

This Course Is Education, Not Therapy

The information in this course is taught by a professional licensed therapist but is not therapy. The information in this course is for education and is not meant to replace actual therapy or instructions given by a personal therapist. It's an additional tool to learn mental health skills but is best used under the care of a local professional therapist.

This course is not medical advice. Please consult your primary care physician, therapist, or other mental health professional for individualized medical advice.

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