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Free Mental Health Resources

Free Course

Free Course - Grounding Skills for Anxiety

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • For Stress, Anxiety and PTSD
  • Learn how to soothe Anxiety in the body
  • 15 Simple Lessons
  • Closed Captions available
  • FREE
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Printable Worksheets and Guides 

Habit Builder

Build health habits with this simple tracker, this simple tracker has changed my life!

Download Habit Builder

Emotion Tracker

Gain greater awareness of your emotions by learning to notice, name and track them. 

Download Emotion Tracker

Emotion Processing Overview

Easy reference guide to the essential skills for working through emotions. 

Download The Guide

Quick Start Guide to Anxiety

 Quick tips and skills to get a start at managing anxiety.

Download Quick Start Guide

Big List of Coping Skills

Discover a life free from anxiety with this list of over 100 Coping Skills.

Download List

Free or Affordable Therapy Resources

Mental health resources for any budget. 

Download PDF

Clarify Your Values Workbook

Discover and live your values to find fulfilment and peace.

Download the Workbook

Quick Start Guide to Depression

understand the resources and steps you can take to start managing your depression today.

Download the Guide

Overcoming Decision Paralysis

Quick Guide to the causes and solutions of decision paralysis.

Download the Guide

Reframe Black and White Thinking

A guide to help you be less emotionally reactive.

Download the Guide

How to Help Your Anxious Child

Steps and skills to help your child work through anxiety.

Download the Guide

The Anxiety Cycle 

Printable anxiety cycle and healthy nervous system graphic. 

Download the Cycle

Let go of Regret in 3 Steps

This free downloadable worksheet will help you work through three steps to let go of regret and move toward a life that you value.

Download the Worksheet

Sensory Self-Assessment

Learn if you are a Sensory Seeker or Sensory Avoider and learn some ways to manage your sensory needs.

Download the Assessment
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