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How to Process Your Emotions

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • Step By Step Process to Resolve painful emotions
  • For Depression, Anxiety and General Mental Health
  • 32 Essential Skills, plus exclusive bonus videos
  • Workbook and Transcripts
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Free Course - Grounding Skills for Anxiety

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • For Stress, Anxiety and PTSD
  • Learn how to soothe Anxiety in the body
  • 15 Simple Lessons
  • FREE
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Mental Health Skills Super Bundle - Monthly Subscription

  • All 7 of Emma’s Courses for one low monthly price
  • Monthly Live Q and A with Emma
  • Download all the Workbooks and Resources
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How To Choose The Right Course For You

Knowing where to start with your mental health education can feel daunting.  So if you're looking for a place to start check out this video to see Emma's recommended learning path.


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More Mental Health Courses

Coping Skills and Self-Care for Mental Health

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • Learn to manage and prevent emotional crises
  • How to Identify triggers and calm down
  • Build your personalized Coping and Self-Care Plan
  • For Depression, Anxiety and General Mental Health
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Journaling for Mental Health

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • Learn to Process Big Emotions with 8 Skills
  • Download the Printable Journal “The Oak in the Acorn”
  • For Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Mental Health in General
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Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • For Parents, Spouses and Close Relationships
  • 30 Short lessons in 30 Days
  • Simple activities that restore joy and warmth
  • Improve communication, heal conflict and improve connection
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Worry Free: End Chronic Worry and Lower Anxiety

Taught by Dr. Nick Wignall,  Clinical Psychologist

  • For Worriers and Anxious folks
  • Learn the psychology behind why you worry and how to stop
  • 5 Essential skills to stop worrying
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9 Keys for Moving Through Grief and Loss

Taught by Sarah Engler, LCSW

  • You feel stuck in grief or unsure how to handle a loss
  • Learn what “normal” grief looks like.
  • Support someone who is going through grief and loss.
  • Understand how to thrive and find meaning after experiencing a loss.
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Change Your Brain

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • 10 Mental Health Essentials- What I wish all my clients knew
  • Simple ways to drastically improve mental health
  • Research backed alternatives to therapy and medication for Depression and Anxiety
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Improve Your Self-Esteem

Taught by Dr. Carly LeBaron, PhD LMFT

  • For anyone who feels like they’re never good enough
  • 7 practical skills to improve your sense of self-worth
  • Build your self-confidence, end negative self-talk and feel worthy of love
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Taking Charge of Intrusive Thoughts

Taught by Kat Green, Licensed Psychologist, PhD ABPP

  • For OCD, Anxiety or anyone with Disturbing thoughts
  • Learn the #1 misconception about Intrusive Thoughts
  • Practical Steps to Quiet Intrusive Thoughts
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Overcoming Perfectionism and People Pleasing

Taught by Dr. Carly LeBaron, PhD LMFT

  • If you feel like you’re never good enough, or you’re always trying to keep everyone else happy you may be a Perfectionist or People Pleaser
  • Learn the psychology behind Perfectionism and People Pleasing
  • Learn Practical skills to break free from PPP habits and embrace who you truly are
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4 Steps to Better Body Image

Taught by Amy Harman LMFT, CEDS-S

  • Do you hate your body?
  • Do you feel like you can never live up to the world’s standards of beauty?
  • Learn to heal your relationship with your body with 4 essential skills
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How to Help - Essential Skills to Help When Someone You Care About Experiences Mental Illness

Taught by Emma McAdam, LMFT

  • Do you have a family member or friend who struggles with their mental health?
  • Learn the essential skills to support them
  • How to help them open up and get the resources they need
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Health Anxiety: Take Back your Life

Taught by Kat Green, Licensed Psychologist, PhD ABPP

  • Are you constantly afraid that something is medically wrong? 
  • Do you go to lots of doctors but think they always missed something? 
  • Or do you avoid doctors altogether because you’re sure they’ve got terrible news for you? 
  • You can learn the skills to break free from health anxiety and take back your life
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Smart2 Goals

Taught by Dr. Carly LeBaron, PhD LMFT

  • Do you constantly struggle to achieve your goals?
  • Learn how to identify your roadblocks and set real goals that work for you
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Mom-Me: Be an Amazing Mama Without Losing Yourself

Taught by Dr. Carly LeBaron, PhD LMFT

  • Do you feel exhausted, inadequate or overwhelmed as a mom? 
  • Practical skills to embrace the challenges and transitions of motherhood
  • Learn how to let go of mom-guilt and feel confident as a mother
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The Renew System for Couples Bundle

Taught by Nevin Alderman, MA, LCMHC

  • 5 courses for one low price
  • Heal, strengthen and enrich your relationship
  • Improve your communication, enhance your connection, heal problematic areas, and increase your fulfilment
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