Other Mental Health Courses

Smart2 Goals

  • Do you constantly struggle to achieve your goals?
  • Learn how to identify your roadblocks and set real goals that work for you
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Understanding Grief and Loss

  • For people who’ve experienced a death, life change, unexpected ending, or unfulfilled expectations
  • An Introduction to different types of loss
  • Learn the signs that you haven’t processed Loss
  • How to support others who are grieving
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Mom-Me: Be an Amazing Mama Without Losing Yourself

  • Do you feel exhausted, inadequate or overwhelmed as a mom? 
  • Practical skills to embrace the challenges and transitions of motherhood
  • Learn how to let go of mom-guilt and feel confident as a mother
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4 Steps to Better Body Image

  • Do you hate your body?
  • Do you feel like you can never live up to the world’s standards of beauty?
  • Learn to heal your relationship with your body with 4 essential skills
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