OCD Courses

Taking Charge of Intrusive Thoughts

  • For OCD, Anxiety or anyone with Disturbing thoughts
  • Learn the #1 misconception about Intrusive Thoughts
  • Practical Steps to Quiet Intrusive Thoughts
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Health Anxiety: Take Back your Life

  • Are you constantly afraid that something is medically wrong? 
  • Do you go to lots of doctors but think they always missed something? 
  • Or do you avoid doctors altogether because you’re sure they’ve got terrible news for you? 
  • You can learn the skills to break free from health anxiety and take back your life
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Overcoming Perfectionism and People Pleasing

  • If you feel like you’re never good enough, or you’re always trying to keep everyone else happy you may be a Perfectionist or People Pleaser
  • Learn the psychology behind Perfectionism and People Pleasing
  • Learn Practical skills to break free from PPP habits and embrace who you truly are
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