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Grounding Skills for Anxiety

Turn off the Stress Response and Turn on Calm
Using your Body's Natural Parasympathetic Response
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Chronic stress can make you feel exhausted, irritable, worried, and even sick.

But it's not you; it's your fight/flight/freeze response that's stuck in the ON position.

In this course I'll teach you how to turn off stress and turn on calm.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How your stress response works
  • How to turn on the calming part of your nervous system (the parasympathetic response)
  • Over 20 easy activities to turn on calm
  • Essential skills for managing stress, anxiety, PTSD, and panic attacks
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Here is what students are saying:


I’ve struggled with anxiety for about 20 years and can honestly say I’m learning much more with you in the last few weeks than I have in those 20 years! Everything you say makes so much sense and it’s the techniques for calming the body down when you’re anxious is what really makes a difference. Through listening to you, I’ve learned that my body can calm me down when my thoughts can’t!


I am loving this course. My complaint with a lot of the trainings/webinars out there is that they don't SHOW you how to get better. With this training, I feel like I'm getting a teacher, but also a coach to model what these exercises look like. Thank you so much. 


I don't have words to express how much this will help me. I have never felt this relaxed in years and years. To learn that I can repair myself from so much damage means so much to me. I can and I will take my life back! Thank You! ❤️ 


You have mentioned more skills in this free course than I've received in a year of individual therapy. I'm very happy to have come across this.


When the course was done I felt like myself again a new reason to be me.

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What's Included(for free!):

  • 30 + video lessons ( 1-15 minutes each)
  • Course workbook
  • 20 + skills to try with exercises and walkthroughs
  • Over 2 hours of content in small, bite-sized chunks
  • Lifetime access to the course and materials 
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if you don't like the course, simply request a refund by emailing [email protected]. Easy peasy.
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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Emma McAdam


I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I love helping people change. I know that understanding mental health can be confusing and stressful. I also know that there’s hope! Your brain is wired to change, and deep healing is possible. My mission is to walk with people through that process. 

I make mental health skills more accessible through YouTube videos and online courses. Therapy in a Nutshell is built around the idea that small and simple steps can turn into massive change and growth. I don’t just help people get feeling better; I help people get better at feeling. 

I’ve been working in the field of change and growth since 2004. I got my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Utah State University, and I’m currently licensed in the state of Utah. I’ve worked in settings like juvenile corrections, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment centers, and outpatient therapy.

Learn to Turn off the Stress Response and Turn on Calm for FREE today!

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